The clueQuest Assessment Programme (CAP)

Unlock employee potential and innovate your talent management strategy with gamified assessment. Our immersive escape rooms allow you to observe and measure team or individual performance in an engaging and non-intrusive way.

Learning & Development clueQuest Game-Based Assessment London
Learning and Development
Unlock your team's potential and learn more about yourselves whilst having fun! When playing one of our missions, you will learn to identify and value traits and behaviours that lead to success, both in yourself and in others.
Recruitment clueQuest Game-Based Assessment London

Enhance your candidates' hiring experience and get to know them better by making escape room games part of your interview process. Book one of our engaging scenarios and host your next recruitment day at clueQuest!

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What can you observe in an escape room?


Observe team dynamics within an immersive set-up.


Assess candidate reactions in a new, time-constrained situation.


Observe individual involvement and leadership initiatives.

MrQ clueQuest Game-Based Assessment London


Evaluate how candidates communicate by listening to in-game comments.

Problem solving

Capture outside-the-box thinking potential and creative solutions in real time.

How it works?


Before booking

No one size fits all when dealing with people, so we will initially respond to your inquiry by getting in touch to discuss your assessment / development objectives. We can then help you put together the perfect schedule for the day.


On the day

Candidates are briefed about their mission by a designated host, after which they enter one of our escape rooms and have 60 minutes to solve their way out.

After the escape, we provide individual and/or team feedback in a private conference room. This process usually takes between 30 to 90 mins.


WhatTeamTeam & IndividualCAP 360Observer
Escape game
Team assessement
Individual assessement
Assessment report
Profiling with Emergenetics
Verbal Team feedback
Verbal Individual feedback
Access to Mission Control
Total time2,5 hours3,5 hours7 hours1 hour
Prices£100 pp£200 pp£520 pp*£100 per observer

All prices are exclusive of VAT.

*price calculated based on a team of 10

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The clueQuest Assessment Programme (CAP) aims to complement existing assessment procedures by using gamified real-time assessment. CAP combines real-life, immersive escape room games with HR expertise to ensure that talent acquisition and retention is more personal, fun and engaging than most traditional procedures.

CAP is for companies who want to invest in their people, whether recruiting them anew or helping them develop their skills in a unique and fun way.

During a CAP session, candidates are immersed in the process of working together towards solving their way out of the escape room, whilst assessors directly observe their soft skills and attitudes via CCTV. Based on your requirements and what you want to learn about your candidates, we can create individual or team feedback reports. We also offer training sessions after the mission, where the focus is on improving self-awareness.

Each game is designed to challenge and assess attitudes and behaviours (e.g. initiative, patience, attention to detail etc) in both teams and individuals. Our assessors are trained in ORCE methodology, they observe, record, classify and evaluate behavioural indicators. We use our own competency framework as a standard, but we like to work closely together with our clients before the session to make sure that our framework is aligned with our client's values.

A room is ideal to host up to 6 players. We are able to assess 24 individuals at the same time. Should you wish to have a bigger team for individual assessment, please get in touch and we'll work around logistics. If you want to focus on the team dyanmics without going into details of individual performance- we can host a team as big as 66 people.

CAP is a learning exercise, not a test. The games are designed to bring out the best in each team/candidate and to help candidates discover more about individual performance and team dynamics. Their actions and attitudes throughout the game will highlight the areas that require improvement.

All data is stored securely on our business servers. Reports are anonymised after 12 months. All written reports or notes taken by assesors on site will be forwarded to you within 5 working days.

We recommend integrating CAP into your work day and book on weekdays between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm. Please note, that if you wish to schedule it for the weekend, there is an additional 20% charge to cover operational costs.

All teams will be aware that their gameplay is monitored, however, they will not know the details of what was assessed until after their game.

Depending on your assessment objectives, we can create both team and individual reports which will outline candidates' overall performance and advise on any areas that require attention or improvement.

Before booking a CAP session, our team will be in touch to dicuss your objectives. During the consultation, we will also recommend the most suitable mission for your assessment needs.

After the game, the team debrief will take aproximately 20 minutes. The feedback session lasts 30 to 120 minutes depending on the type of assessment you choose.

Depending on what you have in mind, we will do our best to tailor the experience to your needs. For more information, please get in touch.

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